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Whatever happened to Riftmax Theater?

AmphetamineAmphetamine Posts: 141
I remember that it was a pretty big deal back at the peak of the DK2. The site's still up, but it hasn't been updated for CV1 and there's no real info on it's current state. Anyone have the scoop on this?


  • The_Hardboiled_OneThe_Hardboiled_One Posts: 38
    Brain Burst
    They may have just canceled any plans for future development. Their Kickstarter is dead as well from the looks of it.
  • AmphetamineAmphetamine Posts: 141
    Well, that sucks :( This was a novel application that doesn't really have any equivalalent on the same scale. 4 People in Bigscreen is ok but it's not the couple of hundred you cound cater for with Riftmax....
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