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Left Oculus Touch won't turn on or pair after only second use [updated]

euphorbeuphorb Posts: 1
edited January 2017 in Support
Took the Touches out of the box, set them up the other night, they worked great. Come back to the same desk a few days later, nothing has happened to them, haven't changed my setup, and all of a sudden the left Touch is out of commission. White LED light won't turn on, etc. The right one is fine. I swapped out the battery, tried removing and re-pairing, etc. Nothing. Very disappointing.

UPDATE: It turned on after I held down all the buttons at once on it. I dunno, man!


  • ChillenAznChillenAzn Posts: 2
    My right touch controller won't turn on!  I'll try the button thing, but if it doesn't work I'll leave the post the way it is.
  • Draco1218Draco1218 Posts: 1
    my left one wont turn on.  I got it at Christmas and it worked great till now and then poof suddenly stopped working and everything I tire wont work.  PS i was just in game it said my battery was low so I replaced the battery and it showed my hand was there but tracking didn't work so i kept changing the battery and it worked a little but then just stopped internally.   PLEASE HELP. 
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