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What kind of adapter should I search for using the Oculus DK2 HDMI on a computer with displayport?

mickael28amickael28a Posts: 3
My PC has got two displayports and it came with an DP-DVI adapter.

I had another DVI-HDMI adapter, so I thought that I could connect both DVI ends and have a DP-HDMI adapter where to plug the Oculus DK2 kit, but when I've tried this whilst on the setup screen, the 'Headset HDMI' connection keeps undetected.

Everytime I try to use HDMI from a PC I've got all sort of issues with adapters, cables, etc. Do you know what kind of adapter should I search in this case? As there are different versions of HDMI, do I need to check for something in particular? or getting one of these adapters off ebay which support 1080p should be enough, for example:


Many thanks


  • elbofforelboffor Posts: 2,572 Valuable Player
    they most likely will work, im not suprised the dp-dvi-hdmi didnt work lol
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  • matskatsabamatskatsaba Posts: 275
    Nexus 6
    Just sayin, I'm using a DP>DVI adapter, plugging the DVI>HDMI adapter I got with the DK2 and works perfectly.
    For the lols, the DP>DVI adapter is a leftover from an apple laptop i`ve soaked in coffee.
    Got two random chinese DP to HDMI and neither of them work with the rift (neither DK nor CV).
  • mickael28amickael28a Posts: 3
    This is where I'm getting confused. A  lot of different models but I've not seen what DK2 model really needs from the official site. 

    From the 3 comments above, I still cannot work out which model could be compatible, eg:

    1. Answser 1 => chinese DP>HDMI adapters from ebay most likely will work
    2. Answer 2 => Look for an active adapter, but the amazon link says that it's a passive adapter (in a question answered by the seller)
    3. Answer 3 => two chinese DP>HDMI didn't work. The solution DP>DVI>HDMI seems to work in his case? which is what I'm using and my DK2 is not being recognised... not sure where the problem is though. 
    I don't want to start buying a bunch of adapters where most of them won't work, so if there's some specific information from Oculus or a particular model that someone is using successfully, could you please let me know? With these things, the theory a lot of times doesn't quite work in practice :(
  • ElectricLegsElectricLegs Posts: 12

    1. Answer 2 => Look for an active adapter, but the amazon link says that it's a passive adapter (in a question answered by the seller)
    I have used both with DK2 and CV1. Avoid the dvi adapter in the chain if you'll want sound later like the CV1 needs.  works on my rig for sure. -EL

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