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Post your Medium sculpts and 3D Prints side-by-side

I'd love to see what everyone is printing for real world use that they sculpted in Medium.   If you used post production software to retopologize, light, rig, animate, whatever then feel free to post those pics too but please also include the medium only sculpt taken using camera in medium.   And note which is which and what software and workflow you used for any non medium images.   This will also be an interesting demonstration of what the various 3d printers out there are capable of, so please also let us know the type of printer you used and quality, layer height, setting that you printed at, and total time it took to print (whatever is applicable to your print).    Also Include any info that could help other people out there know what is possible, how long it takes, problems you had, etc. Thanks!


  • jojocircusmonkeyjojocircusmonkey Posts: 4
    Since I started the thread, I'll get it started.   Here is a sculpt and 3D pront that I made of Foxy from "Five Nights at Freddy's" for my son: 
    Printed on a Zorax M200, normal print speed, at a layer height of .14mm.   Print time for this model was about 14 hours.   All of the joints move so hes a fully functional action figure. The main joints (neck, waist, hips, shoulders) were printed already attached to the model so they are not removable.   The arms and legs were printed as separate peices and snap into place.  I exported and used Microsoft's 3d builder to auto repair the problems it found with the mesh and to organize the parts for printing and exported an .stl file from there.   The sculpt took me about 4-5 hours in medium broken up into 3 sessions.   I also did two prototype prints after each of the first two sessions to check the movement of the joints and find problem areas.
    I hit the 3d model with two coats of primer and painted with acrylic paints (total time on that was 3 hours).   My son was thrilled, and I was pretty happy with i until my wife pointed out that I forgot his tail and bowtie.  Haha.  I plan to start on another sculpt very soon.  I have a bit of experience sculpting in zbrush and maya, but I'm loving medium the best so far and I'm looking forward to the rumored upcoming updates.  Let me know if anyone has any questions.  
  • FrozenPeaFrozenPea Posts: 2,535 Valuable Player
    Here is mine! Can't remember exactly how long it took to print now, maybe 2-3 hours or so? I printed it at 0.2mm layer height on my Wanhao Dup i3 :) I really need to print another one soon.

  • ciorikciorik Posts: 3
    I'm preparing myself to print a wall stand for my oculus. I'm still working on it, I have found the hands support on the internet and I'm trying to create something with synergy

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