An idea why controller locomotion causes discomfort. .. — Oculus
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An idea why controller locomotion causes discomfort. ..

NacaryusNacaryus Posts: 209
Nexus 6
I have read a lot about this and what i understand form lots of posts is that we experience discomfort in VR first person because we dont have a constant surrounding like we have in traditional gaming. .

But what i realised in traditional fps games is that the movement is continuos while walking but when we walk in real life we have a very short pause between two steps that we dont realise. .

Maybe if this case could be looked at closely and applied, it could cause discomfort drop to minimum acceptable levels ? 


  • MarkusWoMarkusWo Posts: 67
    Hiro Protagonist
    I think it's because your VR character is moving and your real body isn't. This discrepancy is confusing the brain which reacts with discomfort.
    It's the same when you are inside a ship: you are moving up and down, but your eyes report something else to your brain -> sea sickness.
    But I could be wrong, it's just my interpretation.
  • NacaryusNacaryus Posts: 209
    Nexus 6
    Yes that is definitely the main reason.

    I think what i suggest is a way to minimize discomfort.

    I have seen locomotions like Walking frame by frame,  maybe if the pauses were to be more smooth instead of continuous as if where you are trying to reach is coming towards you but you need to feel that you are going to it ..

    Well, Just an unprofessional old timer gamer guess :)
  • JaimieVandenberghJaimieVandenbergh Posts: 225
    Nexus 6
    We don't pause in between steps in real life, the main body moves forward steadily while the legs move to stay underneath.
    Consider for yourself - if the pause is real, then at what walking speed does the pause stop happening? Usain Bolt certainly isn't stopping in between strides when he's breaking records.
  • NacaryusNacaryus Posts: 209
    Nexus 6
    edited January 2017
    Well it is not a certain pause,  it happens between the steps. .after the first step, before taking the other one, you collect your back foot and then take the step. .it is not a certain pause but a moment between steps to take the next one. .

    in games and VR games we move as if our feet are replaced by wheels  instead of just naturaly walking by our steps
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