Euro Truck Simulator 2 — Oculus
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Euro Truck Simulator 2

ADDMonkeyADDMonkey Posts: 16
Awesome laid back vr game.  It sounds lame I know but it's one of the funniest VR experiences do far.

The game also has like 100 real radio stations through the internet to listen while you drive.

Give it a shot.


  • edmgedmg Posts: 1,141
    I keep meaning to try it. I've spent a few hours in American Truck Simulator in VR, but haven't gone back to Europe yet. I think I bought the DLC in a Steam sale, so it's probably time I did.

    What I really need, though, is to add a side door to my racing chair so I can lean my arm out the window as I drive the truck.
  • flexy123flexy123 Posts: 791
    I also always considered ETS2 lame and found it "totally lame" before I had VR.
    Now, it's a MIND.BLOWING experience. The other good thing is the awesome sound quality of the Rift headphones which make listening to radio stations while cruising along pure joy.
    I just wish they iron out kinks like poor resolution and shimmering in the distance's clearly "not made for VR" but still one of the best experiences you can have in VR. Absolutely.
  • Bigtime88Bigtime88 Posts: 58
    Hiro Protagonist
    edited January 2017

    Found ETS2 steam key cheap on and installed a couple of nights ago. Took a bit of fiddling getting the VR mode running. Have to enable beta rift support in properties within steam and then add '-oculus' command. There's a few rendering options to run the game from steam, tried a few until 64bit directX mode which ran ok.

    It's pretty cool and enjoyable but because it's a simulation it gave me a bit of discomfort hitting the brakes for example (brain expects to feel physical motion but doesn't). Everything is set to ultra and still smooth so will up the SS when I try next.

  • danknugzdanknugz Posts: 1,988
    this is still one of my favorite vr experiences and best immersion outside of touch (with a wheel and stick)

    i hope they begin work on Ets3 if not already. they really need to get away from that old engine.
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  • Bailey_MaloneBailey_Malone Posts: 2
    Sorry for digging up this old post but it came up in Google.....can you use the Touch controller to click on menu options in VR in this game?
  • Rob_In_PhoenixRob_In_Phoenix Posts: 294
    Nexus 6
    I've wanted to try this game for the longest time but I hear the VR implementation is a bit buggy.  This has kept me away (along with having to buy a steering wheel).  Are these concerns real or am I mistaken?
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