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Non-Windows Drive install and Multiple users.

skantronskantron Posts: 4
I seached a bit and didn't see this come up, so I thought I would ask myself here.  I have a system with multiple users and have multiple drives.  a SSD for windows system, and a dedicated drive for games (and other dedicated drives if that makes a difference).  I reinstalled the oculus software to point it to games drive for installing and installed the oculus software again.  At this point, everything works correctly.  I have a minimal driver install on the C: drive and the G: (Games) drive has all the oculus software.  However, if I switch windows users, the other users have access to the oculus software (all windows users are using the same Oculus user account), but when launched, it shows as no software is installed (except the tutorial software).  If I install a game I have already installed as a different windows user, this game is now installed on the C: drive for that user but still installed on the G: drive for the first user.  Is this a known bug, or is it a new bug, or am I possibly doing something wrong on the install?  Any workarounds?  currently if my son and his friends want to use the oculus, they have to use my user account, which I am not crazy about.  



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