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Bunch of Extra game copies of Rift Ready+Third Party Games.

ShamanecShamanec Posts: 24
edited October 2013 in Games and Apps
Hey guys, not long ago i ordered my rift (SUN) and started gathering games that work with it looking mainly for sales. I found some of them at really good price and bought a few of them and im whiling to share them with you at a price way Better than the Steam (Steam can be a ripoff for some balkanian coutries) (The games are steam gifts and steam CDKEys)

What i have right now is:

Strike Suit Zero Bundle (Native Support) (ITs the complete pack costs of around 36 €/$ on Steam)

Batman: Arkham City - Game of the Year Edition (Third Party Driver - Costs 21€/$ on Steam)

Euro Truck Simulator 2 (This Party Driver (SOON NATIVE) - Costs 20€/$ on Steam)

AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome (Native - Costs 10€/$ on Steam)

Dishonored (Third Party Driver - Costs 30€/$ on Steam)

Half-Life Complete (Rift Ready (Half-Life2 + Episodes) Includes all episodes on Half-Life 2 and alot of other valve games. Worth 28€/$ on Steam)

Mirror's Edge (Third Party Vireio - Costs 10€/$ on Steam)

Doom 3: BFG Edition (NATIVE! Costs 30€/$ on Steam)

Retrovirus (Native! - costs 19€/$ on Steam)

Prices will be discussed privately i can assure you you will be surprised :!:

Im currently gathering more games looking under trees and Stones for Fair prices and whenever have extra copies i will add them here.

If you are interested Email me at [email protected].

And yes ofcourse i gain a little extra for that but it is very little and it is for the trouble, i believe we all Win from what i offer and we can enjoy the rift together :) Happy Virtual reality guys. :ugeek:
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  • jeffgoldwarfjeffgoldwarf Posts: 120
    How about you piss off instead?

    User was warned for this post by cybereality.
  • What is your problem?
    P.S Oh nevermind browsed the forums, looks like you are the scumbag of the forums, Hello there scumbag! :lol:
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  • At first thought, it would be best to ignore this thread instead of reacting against it. But then I realised how slowly this forum moves, that it would take a month to fall off of the first page.

    It would be best for the administrator to remove this thread. On the basis that if you can order and use an oculus rift, then you can probably google and order yourself better deals for the games mentioned.

    Developers, including those from the games mentioned are breaking there backs to give quality demos for free, and charge a fee for some full games. These are the people who should earn money, NOT a middleman with little talent.
  • I am just trying to share here, do whatever you want moderators. I have sweeped the net to find the best deals and share them with you, and this feels like a spit in the face really. I guess its human nature to think a good deal means that somebody profits, and when somebody profits and its not yourself you get jealous. No wonder we will doom ourselfs soon enough.
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  • You can help by going away really. The people who make these games are the people entitled to a profit. Not you. If you want to set up a shop, pay the fees to legally gain from the games and then pay taxes on your profits, go ahead. But 99% of the people on here are not bothered by your antics.

    GO AWAY.
  • I have have payed for these games and they gained their profit, i just got these games on sales and events, where they were cheaper at that time. You are quite mistaken if you think i have got my hands of these games in any illegal way.

    P.S = Steam made their games Giftable copies for a reason, if you are unfamiliar with Steam and how they work please refer from accusing me of anything.
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  • people are reacting negatively toward you because of the assumption that your sole goal here is to make profit (sharing is just a self moralizing memo)

    you will likely use the full price (non discounted) as a reference point, that is
    you might sell say, dishornored (assume it is 20$) for 10$ saying that you are giving a steep discount, where as you likely bought the game on sale for 5$,
    so unless you can offer true substantial price cut, like even cheaper than 75% of the game,
    you are essentially here doing a business,
    so please dont express it like you are doing people a big favor.

    with this being said,
    my apologies if you are genuinely interested in giving people legit steam games cheaper than they will ever be on sale.
  • actually i am(perhaps in the future they will go cheaper), and no you cannot find dishonored at that price, it is impossible yet. Still if i gain something its no more that 1$ per copy. Im not lookinig to gain here, being attacked by the community felt bad at first, then i just remembered about how humans are and i said meh fuck it if anyone actually wants it he will contact me.
    Ordered: Oct 10, 2013 Order Status: |PROCESSING|
  • jeffgoldwarfjeffgoldwarf Posts: 120
    You're worthless.

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  • Added 3 new games: Doom 3: BFG Edition, Retrovirus, Mirror's Edge.
    Check out the first post.
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  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    Just FYI: we are no longer allowing sales on the forum. I will leave this thread as is, but please do not do this in the future. Thanks.
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  • Just FYI: we are no longer allowing sales on the forum. I will leave this thread as is, but please do not do this in the future. Thanks.
    Ordered: Oct 10, 2013 Order Status: |PROCESSING|
  • BrennowiiBrennowii Posts: 8
    Admin needs to get rid of this post
  • GanjaroachGanjaroach Posts: 449
    Hiro Protagonist
    I used this for a reference for steam games with native support, so it did come of some use. :)
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