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Any suggestions on how to minimize stress on HDMI port?

ogflatlanderogflatlander Posts: 45
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With the headset directly connected to the HDMI port, I was wondering if there is anything the community is doing to minimize movement of the cable at the HDMI port on the graphics card?   Wasn't too worried about it until I got the touch controllers and started planning a 3rd sensor for larger roomscale. I was thinking of getting some extensions for the USB and HDMI of the HMD (like Reality Check VR on Youtube has) and securing them to the front of the PC case. Just curious if anyone has run into cable stress connectivity issues.    


  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    Yeah, I would recommend extension cables. That what I do and it's been working well.
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  • neddycgoonneddycgoon Posts: 50
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    I use an active extension with an HDMI repeater to connect to the Rift any stress is on the repeater not the GPU.
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