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Konrad the Kitten - Roadmap and Progression

FusionPlay_KonradFusionPlay_Konrad Posts: 28 Oculus Start Member
edited December 2018 in Games and Apps
Hi there,

on February 23rd, we finally left Early Access and released Version 1.0 of the game. But this is not the end! We will continue supporting it with new stuff.

As we are a tiny Indy Development team, we need all your feedback and help. If you like the game, tell us what you like, consider writing a review and tell all your friends about it. If you don't like it, tell us what you don't like and we will do our best to include it in the upcoming Releases.

If you want to get the latest updates, you can
follow us on Twitter @FusionPlayGames
or like us on Facebook

Release Notes:

1.5 - Merry Christmas - December, 12th, 2018

New Features
* Overhauled christmas event
** Sky, Lighting and Music in WarpZone and Licing Room are changed during the event
** Decorative items appear during the event
** A santa hat is available in the dress room (on top of the wardrobe) during the event
** A new active item - the cookie bowl - is available in the WarpZone during the event.

Update 1.4.1 - Hotfix
  • Fixed a performance issue that came up with version 1.4.

Update 1.4 – Get Spooky! - October, 22nd, 2018



·         Updated core engine to Unity 2018.

·         Added Halloween event.

·         Added Broomstick ride for Halloween.

·         Added Witch Hat for Halloween.

·         Added new music and decorations for Halloween.

·         Some minor enhancements and bugfixes.

1.3 - data protection - May, 16th, 2018

New Features

  • Sorry, no new features :-(


  • Deactivated anonymous error reporting as it might conflict with upcoming data protection law in Europe (although it's anonymous)

Version 1.2 - 30th of April, 2018

New Features:

·         added new "toys" ring element group for Parcours minigame



·         Prepared end of easter event

·         optimized Parcours minigame ring orientation

·         Enhanced animation blending for the kitten



·         Some minor fixes


Version 1.1 - 28th of March 2018

New Features:

* Added Easter Season including:

** 1 additional interactive object (easter egg in a basket)

** 1 additional seasonal hat (bunny ears)

** some changed decorations in the warp zone

** 5 Easter eggs in each of the 5 major regions. Can you spot them all?



* Adjusted scores for targets in minigames.

* enhanced anisotropic filtering for less blurry textures

* Adjusted amount of hearts spawned after each action. (Should help level up quicker during the first days.)

* changed sleeping in a box animation to start with sleeping on the belly

* enhanced selection of elements in the Parcours minigames for better tracking performance

* enhanced guidance of the player during the tutorial

* Optimized Performance in the Warp Zone area



* fixed positioning of the necklace and some hats during animations to avoid having them pushed inside the cat's fur

* fixed flickering lines sometimes being visible in the bathroom

* fixed actions at interactive object could become broken when the Move Controller glitched (caused by bad tracking)

* other minor fixes



  • FusionPlay_KonradFusionPlay_Konrad Posts: 28 Oculus Start Member
    Updated Release notes, roadmap and known bugs
  • FusionPlay_KonradFusionPlay_Konrad Posts: 28 Oculus Start Member
    Update Release Notes and Roadmap. As 0.4.2 is out now, we now look forward to 0.5, adding unlockable accessories for the kitten. The next release is a major one and will take some more time. Current estimation is late May / early June
  • FusionPlay_KonradFusionPlay_Konrad Posts: 28 Oculus Start Member
    Update release notes and roadmap cause of latest major release
  • FusionPlay_KonradFusionPlay_Konrad Posts: 28 Oculus Start Member
    As lots of the things we planned to do for our Beta (Version 0.6) take longer than expected (surprise ;) ), we decided to not leave you alone without an update for so long.

    We will push update 0.5.1 that will include most of the stuff we've prepared fo 0.6 so far during the next week. The patch will include lots of performance optimisations, the new lighting, the new intro, new ground materials, some remade (interactive) objects to play with, 2 new animations, and much more.

    For full release notes, see the thread above.

  • FusionPlay_KonradFusionPlay_Konrad Posts: 28 Oculus Start Member
    Updated patch notes for todays release
  • FusionPlay_KonradFusionPlay_Konrad Posts: 28 Oculus Start Member

    We have some good and some bad news for the fans of Konrad the Kitten.
    The bad news: Things take much more time as originally expected!
    The good news: Things will be more awesome than originally expected!

    We currently target to release the game on the 22nd of December. Please be aware that the price will be slightly raised when the game leaves early access. We wanted to reward people that invested in our idea in the early access stage, that is why the price in Early Access was lowered. The final price has not been decided yet but will very likely be 12.99 or 14.99.

    Before launching the final release, we still want to have the beta version (0.6) as final Early Access version. Currently we plan to release this update in early December. Version 0.6 is definitely the biggest update the game has seen in its development. That is why it takes that long.

    We want to share some insights into the current development. (Screenshots taken directly from the dev built, please excuse German language of the content.)

    This is how the loading screen will look. It’s actually not a static screen but a loading area where you can freely move inside. The height of the balloon symbolizes the loading progress.

    This is the new look & feel of the intro area. As the intro prepares all technical things around the game (like calibrating the floor), we wanted it to look techy or like a holodeck.

    This is how the tutorial will look. The kitten guides you through the first steps in our cute world and shows you how the game is played.

    And this is the new entrance area (including the new teleporter triggers), that has been redesigned. From here you can visit the different areas of the game.

  • FusionPlay_KonradFusionPlay_Konrad Posts: 28 Oculus Start Member
    After nearly one and a half year of Early Access, we finally leave alpha status and enter beta status.

    Update 0.6.0, the most extensive update we've made, adds a lot of content, enhancements and bugfixes. The full patch notes are attached at the end of this news.

    This time, our little update trailer not only shows the visible new features but also looks back to what happened in the past 2 years of development. Enjoy a view behind the scenes, how the game evolved from the very first prototype to what it is now:

    Update trailer for version 0.6 of the first virtual kitten. With version 0.6 the game finally enters beta status. The trailer celebrates this with looking back into the past versions of the game from...

    You can also see some changes on the store page of Konrad the Kitten. The new logo is live, screenshots are updated and the store text is now ready for a final release in February.

    The short version of our release notes:
    1. Tutorial added. This guides new players and shows how to play the game.
    2. New languages: The game is now fully localized in German, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Japanese languages
    3. Loading screen: There is now simpel loading environment to make the loading times cuter.
    4. Highscores: The game now tracks and shows highscores for all minigames.
    5. Graphical enhancements of environments, especially at the beach, the intro area and the warp zone (entrance). But also all other environments got some graphical updated things.
    6. Overhauled Action Objects: washing tub, toilet paper, cat toilet, balloon ride, forest scratching tree were all redesigned/enhanced
    7. The teleport icons were redesigned from scratch
    8. Lots of usability enhancements like an enhanced help board, better floor calibration and optimized hand mode.
    9. Lots of performance optimization. Game should now run on high QL on most VR typical PC's.
    11. Fixed a lot of issues in big kitten and small kitten mode.
    12. Fortune wheel now yields coins or hearts when you not win a minigame.
    13. Lots of enhancements and adjustments for all the minigames.
    14. Lot of other small enhancements
    15. Lots of bugfixes

    So what can you expect in 2018?

    The final release (version 1.0.0) is scheduled for mid February. This will add achievements, some last bugfixes and some platform and hardware specific enhancements.

    In march, our NFC card game "FusionPlay Heroes" will be launched in store.

    We have loads of ideas what to do after march, including new content for Konrad the Kitten and even totally new games. But for now, we cannot tell you more details. Just stay tuned, enjoy the christmas update and be ready for the final release in Q1.

  • FusionPlay_KonradFusionPlay_Konrad Posts: 28 Oculus Start Member
    edited March 2018

    Happy Easter everyone!


    With Version 1.1 of Konrad the Kitten we added some Easter fun:

    There are 5 Easter eggs hidden in each of the 5 main areas (kitchen, bathroom, living room, forest, beach). Can you spot them all?

    During Easter season, your kitten can wear bunny ears. You can find them for free in the Teddy Shop on top of the shelf with your owned accessories.

     A new action object appeared in the Entrance area of the game. It counts as a play item.

    Some Easter decoration has been added to the warp zone.


    As people seem to like the little hidden physical elements of the game, we made the basket and its eggs behave physically.

    Besides these things, we addressed some issues and improved some things:

    • You now get more hearts when playing. This helps unlocking new areas and items faster. Especially during the first 2-3 days this will noticeably speed up unlocking new stuff.
    • We finetuned the minigames. All details like scores per item, behavior of the minigame targets, spawn times, physic values (weight, friction), selection of ring elements, etc. have been tuned to provide a better experience.
    • We improved performance in the entrance area (Warp Zone).
    • Lots of minor optimizations and some bugfixes.


    Have fun!

  • FusionPlay_KonradFusionPlay_Konrad Posts: 28 Oculus Start Member
    We've released a minor update for Konrad the Kitten.
    It fixes some minor issues, optimizes the "Parcours" Minigame for 2-sensor setups and prepares the end of the easter event.

    It also ads a new ring group for the "Parcours" Minigame.

  • FusionPlay_KonradFusionPlay_Konrad Posts: 28 Oculus Start Member
    We just rolled out update 1.3 which is a very minor update. Unfortunately you won't see any cool new features. The update was required to fix a minor flaw related with the Unity Engine, that would conflict with the upcoming European data protection law.

    But we still want to make you happy, so first of all we remind you on the cute little easter fun we had:


    Next, we'd like to invite you joining our discord channel. This is your chance to get in direct contact with the development:

    Discord is a cool new platform that enables players to chat and discuss all things about games.

    Finally, we want to share our upcoming plans with you:

    Roadmap 2018

    After our launch in February we started with post-launch phase 1. This phase brought us two updates: 1.1 the Easter update and 1.2 the spring update. Phase one ended with the end of April and we are now starting with phase 2.

    Phase two is focussing on bringing Konrad the Kitten to a wider audience. Besides this we are introducing more social ways to communicate with you, our fans! We want to know what you like and also what you don't like when playing Konrad the Kitten. We already launched our presence at discord as a new medium to get in direct contact with you. We will also revamp our Konrad the Kitten website to make it more accessible. We also plan to create a whole new trailer for the game that is in Mixed Reality style.

    Besides the support for Konrad the Kitten, our other game will launch in summer. You may have already heard of FusionPlay Heroes as we are already working on it since 2012. Game Design and Development has already been finished since 2016 so this does not conflict with the Konrad the Kitten development. But FusionPlay Heroes is a physical game which is really unique. It is played with playing cards that contain NFC radio chips. Together with a smartphone app, this creates a whole new gaming genre. If you like to know more about it, follow our facebook page for the game:
    All latest information will be posted there.

    In parallel to the launch of FusionPlay Heroes, phase 3 is starting. Although phase 3 will start in early summer, you won't see any results before autumn. The reason is: we are planning to create a HUGE FREE UPDATE for Konrad the Kitten. This update will make Konrad the Kitten become a worthy version 2.0. As we are planning some major new features. The update will take the whole summer and autumn to become ready. But you'll get it for free :)

    Now let us know: What do you think about these plans?

  • FusionPlay_KonradFusionPlay_Konrad Posts: 28 Oculus Start Member

    Update 1.4 – Get Spooky is live!


    ·         Updated core engine to Unity 2018.

    ·         Added Halloween event.

    ·         Added Broomstick ride for Halloween.

    ·         Added Witch Hat for Halloween.

    ·         Added new music and decorations for Halloween.

    ·         Some minor enhancements and bugfixes.

  • FusionPlay_KonradFusionPlay_Konrad Posts: 28 Oculus Start Member

    Update 1.5 - Merry Christmas

    We just deployed our new content update "1.5 - Merry Christmas" to Oculus users. The update will overhault the existing Christmas event and bring some more Christmas stuff to all players.

    First of all, the santa hat is still available. You can get it by going to the teddy bear shop and looking on top of the wardrobe. You'll see the shopkeeper has already taken one of the santa hats ;)

    As soon as you start the game, you'll notice that the Entrance Area is now decorated with plastic christmas stuff and also plays some christmas music. Besides the decoration, you'll find a bowl with cookies in front of you. As it is christmas time, it's okay to have the kitten have one or two ;)

    The living room has also received new decorations. You'll find a new christmas tree and a new fireplace next to you.

    All together: This is not our largest update, we know. We just wanted to bring some light into your kitten's home during christmas time. In the meantime we are progressing well with our large 2.0 update that is scheduled for late winter. The new level we add is already 90% done. But this is just one of the big new features that will come.

    Have a great christmas everyone!
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