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Samsung Gallery - can't view TB 360 images

PerformaVRPerformaVR Posts: 7
hi, i have loaded up a couple of TB 360 images and when using the samsung gallery app while the phone is in my gearvr headset, i only have options for 2d, 360 and panorama.

when i select 360, it's not in stereo and it appears as a full 360 view, but the top half (above the horizon) is the left eye and bottom is the right eye.  the image was created by two equitangular jpgs combined to form 1 4096x4096 image.

the name of the file is: balcony_vr option 2_360_tb.jpg


the size if the tb image i have is 4096x4096 if that matters.


  • mbrs7mbrs7 Posts: 4
    Image should be 2:1
  • ts_vr_squirrelts_vr_squirrel Posts: 1
    Somewhat related but after the last update we have been unable to playback TB 360 videos.  (4k x 2k).   Previously worked last week now long longer.  After pressing play in the Samsung Gallery a message of "An unknown error has occurred" 
  • PerformaVRPerformaVR Posts: 7
    for whatever reason, i'm all good.  works fine suddenly!
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