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FPS Simulator - A VR Project...

ObihbObihb Posts: 20
Fellow VR enthusiasts, I am working on this little project to try and find some FPS controls that works.. "well".. using Touch as input. Since I'm not the biggest fan of teleporting around, I am trying to build something that works more traditional, but also updated for VR. The system relies on your ability to move around in VR, so if you are prone to motion sickness this may not be for you. If you only get occasional motion sickness, you could certainly give it a go.

I actually have 3 builds out that's playable/testable. There's an evolution in how the controls work. Of course I consider my latest build to be the direction I want to go in. This is not a game, but rather a controls test. Just a small level with some guys to shoot at.

Really the point is to find a nice way to control rotation, because moving forwards and backwards are, well, simple. Adding some strafing on top of that also is pretty simple. Strafing of course being one of those possible VR no,no's..  but it's in there. So the rotation is where I spend most of my experimenting. In my latest build I have various mechanics implemented. My two main ideas is, for one, a point and click system. Point where you want to look and it snaps into the orientation. It's pretty much 100% non motion sick. The other one, which I like most so far, is almost like a mouse input. You can use the Touch controller almost like a mouse. It's triggerable, so it's not always on, use as required. On top of that there's also joystick input and of course you can simply rotate your head/body.

The point and click system and the mouse system both work from the grip trigger and the current system can be toggled with space bar. The mouse system can be inverted with the joystick button if you prefer to try that out.

I will mention, as I do in my last video about the demo, the point and click system is currently constrained to work while facing forward in your play space. The latest build is more about testing the pseudo mouse input. The earlier builds are more about "tank controls" whichis where I first experimented with the point and click system and therefor it's based on that setup. It'll still work, you just have to generally face forward. The latest build is about "room scale" system. giving you room scale plus additional control.

Anyway, I hope you guys and gals get a chance to try it out and maybe leave me some feedback or any comments really. I'd like to get an idea of what people think of the current system. Yeah, it's kinda crude and really a simple demo but it gets the idea across with regards to input.

So, here's the link to my UE4 forum post. The download links and videos are all posted on there. I would suggest maybe a glance at the videos to get an idea of what my controls are all about but if you just want to jump into it, you certainly can. I'll mention though that there are no menus or anything, you just run the demo and go, it's very simple.

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