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Fresco or Microsoft drivers? - Inateck PCI-e card



  • dburnedburne Posts: 3,060 Valuable Player
    Fresco Driver 3.5.106
    lovethis said:
    @dburne - You need to have it start in windows in the setting of the Oculus Rift tray tool. Just tick the start when windows boots up.

    Edit: After reading your post I'm a bit confused? You said: "Well it was working fine for a bit, even after a shut down and restart - took it off and shut down Oculus, waited a bit and put it back on, and once again have a sensor disconnect." 

    Why did you take it off? Are you responding to my post or some other post? Makes no sense to me what you just said tbh.

    I took it off and shut down Oculus just to test it, let it set there a bit then put it back on to launch the software again...

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