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Soul Keeper VR

zbosonzboson Posts: 994 Poster of the Week
I have early access to Soul Keeper VR. When I start it it says to press a menu key on a controller. I assumed I needed Touch for this so now that I have Touch I tried it again and I still have the same problem. I can't even get past the main menu. Does anyone know how to do this with Oculus?  I don't even know what the game is like yet?  Maybe I can use fakevive to trick it?


  • KillCardKillCard Posts: 1,078
    I assume this is running in SteamVR?

    Unfortunately SteamVR cannibilises the left "menu key" on touch controllers.. a button that Vive games often utilise as the equivalent "escape button". It's incredibly stupid ... I would write in the forums to add another button for it and/or enable native Oculus support via launch.
  • zbosonzboson Posts: 994 Poster of the Week
  • KillCardKillCard Posts: 1,078
    zboson said:
    Not sure then ... I would love to try Soul Keeper, it looks fricking amazing .. but I have been unable to acquire an Alpha Key. It's supposed to Launch/Early Access? soon though .. so hopefully we'll be able to see it soon, and probably we'll have more Touch users complaining/pushing to add proper support.
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