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DK2 latest working runtime?

FiercehartFiercehart Posts: 1
What is the most up to date software for those of us who still have the DK2? Is it
Using windows 8


  • KNP54KNP54 Posts: 257
    Nexus 6
    edited February 2017
    I think you can use oculus home with DK2 but you will have a message saying that it is unsupported. And touch exclusive titles will not work. Otherwise, yes the runtime 8.0 is the latest that came out for the DK2.
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  • kojackkojack Posts: 5,150 Volunteer Moderator
    0.8 is also the last version that didn't auto update itself. All of the 1.x series will update whether you want them to or not. So if 1.12 comes out and it doesn't support DK2 at all, there's no way to install 1.11 instead and stay there.
    However the majority of new software is 1.x only. With 0.8 you'll only be running old stuff since before the CV1 came out.

  • zork2001zork2001 Posts: 538
    People still use windows 8?
  • reddeath360reddeath360 Posts: 342
    I'm using home latest runtime with my dk2
  • DarkSednaDarkSedna Posts: 6
    Work perfect with final runtime
  • matskatsabamatskatsaba Posts: 275
    Nexus 6
    Hehe i have a bunch of boot ssds for old stuff:
    -win8.1 with 0.5 for dk2
    -win10 with 0.8 for same
    -win10 with latest (1.12) for cv (and occasionally testing if working with dk2).

    So yeah, the latest runtime DOES work with dk2.

    Just for info, tried and could NOT block home autoupdate with firewall restrictions (oculus added itself to exceptions automatically after a restart).
    If you want to keep old runtime, should add to hosts file.
  • DarkSednaDarkSedna Posts: 6
    since ultimate update problem with sensor on DK2 -

  • reddeath360reddeath360 Posts: 342
    no one will help you being dk2 is not supported but I can tell you my dk2 works fine. try cleaning your contacts on your wires being it uses a audio jack for syncing maybe the problem lies with that cord
  • DarkSednaDarkSedna Posts: 6
    Before update all work like a charm and now i have this problem
  • lukwtwzlukwtwz Posts: 64
    Hiro Protagonist
    zork2001 said:
    People still use windows 8?
    I too would like to know which of the people whose DK2's work fine with latest runtime are still on Windows 8.1. 
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