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Desperate for help!!! Please DK2 user

FinalDeennFinalDeenn Posts: 4
Hi all

Firstly I own a DK2 and have done since release.  I have a few issues with an older PC so I spent a fortune upgrading to fully enjoy my kit.  However at the time I moved from windows 8 to 10 and after install the SDK to continue using my DK2 it completely bricked my version of windows and I have since been to scared to try again.

I have installed the new Oculus software "which really doesn't help when googling by the way as its all called oculus".  I get so far in the new software where I can see the environment but I cant finish the setup.  I have turned on unknown sourced but I cannot use anything outside.

It seems that since I have moved to windows 10 I dont have anything that allows me to use my kit. All I want to do it use games/demos via the unknown sources and something that is not going to brick my machine again.

Can anyone please suggestion what I should do here.  I was very happy with the sdk before but not sure if it now works.  I have downloaded sdk 1.3 but should this be installed?  what can I do to play steam games I have on my DK2 as well as some favorite development demos ect.

Right now all the oculus software boots but does let me do anything other than the stuff in there but states "unsupported" and I cant run anything outside which really want to.  I have all this kit and now way of using it.

senors and everything also pick up fine so no issues with the hardware

any help please.




  • DarkSednaDarkSedna Posts: 6
    Brain Burst
    Don't install another SDK, install just sofware "Oculus setup" from website, connect your oculus, go into configuration, just one usb port be green, other not, but just ignore install.
    After you must have home in your oculus.
    For another source in options, active it, it for steam vr for example.
  • matskatsabamatskatsaba Posts: 275
    Nexus 6
    Ok, so a little elaboration:
    If you install 0.5 (or 0.4), it WILL brick win10, not even system restore helps (well it kinda does so you can boot up and backup your data but even booting time triples, etc). 0.5 and before is NOT compatible with win10. After a normal install, if you ignore error messages and then manually start OVRService in compatibility mode, it will more or less work, but if you run the installer in compatibility mode, that`s an instant brick.
    Installing 0.7 or above works without a problem.
    Installing the latest oculus home should not be a problem either.
    After the reinstall, be sure to update the gpu, chipset  and usb drivers before installing oculus to save yourself from a headache. Letting windows update itself might be a good idea too.

    Also, 1.3 SDK is a Software Development Kit, it is NOT the runtime, so no wonder it doesn`t work like one.
    Your options (with windows 10) are 0.7, 0.8 or 1.11. To be clear, 1.3 is lower rev (1.03) compared to 1.11.

    When you install home, it will want you to go through the setup, but since it never detects the HMD and its usb properly, you should skip that step, your DK2 will work regardless.
    With this you get access to oculus titles.
    If you have steam installed, install SteamVR AFTER finished installing oculus home, and you`ll get access to steam vr games too. 
    Before launching steamVR, the OculusHome has to be open and running, otherwise steamVR will not detect your HMD.
  • FinalDeennFinalDeenn Posts: 4
    Hi both

    thank you for so far coming back to me.  So, I have home working and I am in and am able to use the items within Oculus (hardware depending) but if I wanted to play aaaaaa!!! for the awesome for instance that is now native VR i cannot get it to launch correctly.  same goes for anything that is outside of Oculus home.  Essntially everything I want to use it outside but when home is running then my head gear defaults to home and doesnt boot the items it used to when using SDK.  to confirm I have not yet installed 1.3 but I had DL it.  Does that make sense?

    So I think I am most the way there but I cant seem to play any old dev items I used to be able to play.  So how to boot items that used to work fine but now dont and how to run items like aaaa for awesome when DK2 boots into this home screen.  Sorry if I didnt mentioned this before.


    Again all help is very much appriciated
  • FinalDeennFinalDeenn Posts: 4
    If I am being dumb here then apologies.  I had some time away from this after my PC change and then losing faith in this so maybe I am missing something here.  I am only using the new home, should I be using anything else or is there a way to force other apps into this home (dev demos and other games).


  • reddeath360reddeath360 Posts: 342
    the things your trying to play do not work in the latest runtime you will only beable to play the games mostly in the oculus store and steam store.
  • kojackkojack Posts: 7,216 Volunteer Moderator
    AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! was made with the 0.5 sdk. You need the 0.5 or 0.6 oculus runtimes to run it. But these runtimes are not windows 10 compatible. The creators haven't updated VR support since 2014, the game has been broken since august 2015 (when 0.7 came out), the steam forums have a heap of people asking for updates or vive support.

    The same goes for most old games. If they haven't been updated to newer runtimes and you are on windows 10, then there's not much chance of running them.
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  • FinalDeennFinalDeenn Posts: 4
    Hi, firstly thanks to all who have replied.  I did actually get some traction and have since been lost again in the full version of Windlands lol but AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome is gutting as it was one of my favorites.  Its been a bit of a tricky road but thanks to some playing about and this forum I feel a lot more informed now so thank you to all on here.

    Keep Rifting.

  • nalex66nalex66 Posts: 6,364 Volunteer Moderator
    There is an answer to make some older apps work with the new runtime. you can download LibOvrWrapper. You install a couple DLL files in the right Windows folders, and they translate calls to the old SDK to work with the current one. This should work for apps compatible with 0.6 or newer.
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  • ChoronzonChoronzon Posts: 341
    Nexus 6

    0.5 is compatible with W10, works perfectly well, as 06 and 08.

    Now what I really want to get working is the runtime switcher. Does it actually function with the latest Home? The other day I clicked on 'Latest Runtime (Home)' on the switcher and it buggered up Home, with a reinstall job required. Now I'm dead scared to go near the thing I'm case I'm tempted to click on a runtime and bugger it up again.

  • matskatsabamatskatsaba Posts: 275
    Nexus 6
    No it is not, assuming you are using an up-to-date windows10.
    0.6 and 0.8 did work (with tricks) but not
    Basically no runtime works that has extended mode under windows10 ulti x64 (yes its a legit copy).
    I suggest you actually try if it still works for you and if it does, I also suggest saving HDD image if you suck in an update that breaks it.
    I'm saying this after half dozen win10 clean install attempts, wasted weeks and finally an extra HDD with a win8.1 on it, just for the sake of extended mode demos.
    Sry, you are the first and only so far, and y`kno, its the internet: screeny or never happened.
    You can find forum posts by oculus staff stating it is NOT working with w10, fyi.

    I'm not saying it's impossible but it does not work out of the box, neither have found a working solution.
    That being said, you still could have found a way, but then the how-to would be really appreciated, vague claims like "0.5 is compatible with W10, works perfectly well" will not help anyone getting it to work, an in-depth explanation would make your objection relevant.
  • ChoronzonChoronzon Posts: 341
    Nexus 6
    edited February 2017

    @matskatsaba Mate, I wouldn't say it works if it didn't work. I simply downloaded the earlier runtimes from the developer site and installed them, in separate folders obviously.  

     W10 64bit Home (v 1511), and the latest Nvidia.

    I certainly would never have attempted instillation of 0.5, judging by the dire warnings, but I didn’t know about the probable death to myself and to my computer… so, maybe ignorantly, I installed 0.5 and I’m still here, and so is my computer. 

    0.5 & 0.6 are Extended Mode only (can’t get 0.7 working). Because of the messing about trying to get Home switching with earlier runtimes I can’t remember whether I used compatibility mode on the .exe runtimes. But I do remember first installing 0.5 without compatililty mode and no injury to the computer.

     Right now I have DK2 running in 0.5 – blue light on headset and camera on. 

    I suggest you uninstall ‘anniversary update’ (if that’s actually the issue here) and try again.


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