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Still getting some errors here - Random freezing on 3 camers - Can't finish reset Tracking on 4.

MradrMradr Posts: 3,853 Valuable Player
edited February 2017 in Support
Still getting a TON of errors on 3 cameras. Not sure if it's a driver issues or not, but still getting some weird glitches when it comes to tracking. Touch hands will start to stutter or fail to track. Sometimes they will be put into the room and I have no control over them, but I can see them on the ground. Can't get past OC Home. Kind of a weird feeling:) or I can't get past camera reset with 3-4 cameras no matter what usb port I put the 4th camera on (no ex cable - raw cable). Have to find some weird position that allows for it on 3 cameras, but the 4th one seems to be out of the question. 

On three cameras it isn't too bad, but on a 4th you can sure feel the problem always happening. Didn't have as many problems a few updates ago when I was on three cameras - but I also got a inateck card to off set some of the USB bandwidth, but even if I plug other cameras into the card or on the MB - I still get the same issues - so I am going to roll that out the card being the problem and lean towards some soft of software issue.

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