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All About Scrapping and Forging cards

HVS_ClaireHVS_Claire Posts: 200 High Voltage Software
Card Classification and Ownership
There are five classifications of cards: Basic, Common, Rare, Epic, and Champion. Basic cards can only be owned by acquiring a new faction. You can own and use up to two of each of the Common, Rare, Epic cards in the game. Only one Champion card can be used per deck, so you can only own one of each Champion card. 

There are three ways to acquire new cards:
1. By unlocking a new faction that contains unique basic cards
2. Booster packs
3. By forging new cards with scrap.

Scrap and Scrapping
Scrap is earned either by destroying duplicate cards you receive in packs (this is done automatically by the system), or by manually discarding them for their scrap value. Here is the scrap value for the card classifications:
  • Basic: Only available with the corresponding faction. Cannot be forged or scrapped.
  • Common: 50 scrap
  • Rare: 200 scrap
  • Epic: 400 scrap
  • Champion: 1600 scrap
You can see how much scrap is in your scrap pile by viewing a card in your collection screen.

In the above example, the "2" in the gray box indicates how many copies of this card I own. The number below it, "51450" indicates how much scrap I have in my scrap pile. The scrap and forge buttons on this card are greyed out because this card is classified as Basic and can neither be scrapped nor forged.

This card in the image above however, shows it has a scrap value of +200, or how much will be added to your scrap pile if you destroy this card. It also shows a forge value of -1600, or how much scrap will be deducted from your pile if you want to created this card and add it to your collection.

Forging Unowned Cards from Scrap
Because the grey card box in the picture above indicates that I only own one Holding the line card, I can spend 1600 of my 50250 scrap to create or forge a second card by selecting the black "Forge" button.

To find and browse the cards you do not own, first enter the collection screen from the main menu. 

On the left of the screen where you browse your cards, there are a series of icons. These are filters. The fourth icon from the top reads "owned". Gaze at this icon and select it.

You'll see two other options appear. Select "Owned and Unowned" on the right.

This will show you all of the cards that you own in color, and all of the ones you do not yet own in gray.
Select a card you would like to make, and forge away!

Hope this clears up the mystery surrounding scrapping and forging new Dragon Front cards! Comment below if you would like further clarification.

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