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DK2 Broken After Landfall Beta

vama89vama89 Posts: 12
I just wanted to see if there were any other dk2 users out there that are now unable to use their headset with Oculus Home. I was able to play Landfall during the beta with my dk2. My dk2 had been working fine with home up until then. After the beta, however, my dk2 no longer works with home. I can't render home on the headset. Home says that it can't detect my hdmi connection to the headset.

I got word from staff that they did have a Home update over this weekend. I'm assuming whatever they did to update Home has now crashed my dk2. I know it wasn't officially supported for some time, but it appears, at least for me, that the dk2 is no longer functional.

Has anyone else had the same issue?

I also tried uninstalling Home and reinstalling to no avail. I also tried using the .8 runtime and it too says it can't detect the hdmi connection for the headset.

I'm guessing the hdmi cable may have fried, but I find it highly doubtful. I did try swapping the cable for another workable one and still got nothing. I don't want to list out all my troubleshoots but I'm fairly certain to make sure it was not some dumb cable connecting issue.

In any case just wanted to post this as a warning for any dk2 users out there.


  • lxbrucelxbruce Posts: 1
    my tracker stopped about 3 weeks, headset still works but no pos tracking
  • vama89vama89 Posts: 12
    I see. Thanks for the info lxbruce. Yeah it looks like dk2 is becoming inoperable. 
  • vama89vama89 Posts: 12
    Hi all,

    Just wanted to throw an update.

    Got a solution from an unexpected source!

    So I got the Freedom Bundle from Humble and had issues with one game - The Witness. It wouldn't launch on steam.

    Long story short the solution to this was updating my driver from 376.53 to 378.66 - Nvidia. That allowed me to finally launch the game.

    Then I thought...wait a second...might this be the same issue I had with Oculus?

    Then low and behold, I hook up my DK2 and then now it is rendering images to the headset. I don't know if I'll have pos. tracking issues like lxbruce said up above, but at least stuff is shown back on the headset. There is still some life on the DK2 just yet!

    Still, if I try to run a proper setup, it won't detect the hdmi signal or the headset usb, but it works now. I just skip the setup, granted I expected this cause it was the dk2.

    So an odd occurrence as the Landfall update to Home caused old Nvidia drivers to crash the headset. Just FYI to Oculus devs and Facebook!

    Hopefully this can save any other old DK2 users in the meantime. 
  • matskatsabamatskatsaba Posts: 275
    Nexus 6
    vama89 said:

    Long story short the solution to this was updating my driver from 376.53 to 378.66 - Nvidia. That allowed me to finally launch the game.

    Right on spot.
    Actually, you need 377.* or above in order for the dk2 to work properly.
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