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Gear VR and Samsung S7 random freezing with audio still playing

SirRichieRichSirRichieRich Posts: 12
edited February 2017 in Samsung Gear VR
I've recently been getting annoying freezing issues with my Samsung S7 (OS 6.0.1) when using Gear VR (2016). Its happening with any game, including the Oculus homescreen!

Usually the game would freeze and I would be still be able to look around but its become like a big screen rather then 360 view. The music usually continues.

I have to take the phone out to force quit.

Its becoming irritating. Thinking maybe an Oculus update might have done something. Have tried clearing cache but no change. Also tried Airplane mode. Even top games like Lands End and Smash Hit froze and I hadn't played for long enough for it to overheat.

Any ideas? Phone is otherwise fine, no issues outside of Oculus. I love the Gear VR but this is becoming annoying.
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