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Oculus Home and Gear VR Closed Unexpectedly

fizzlenutzfizzlenutz Posts: 1
I am having some serious issues with my Gear VR. I have a samsung S7 Edge and every time I put my phone into the headset I get to error messages. "Oculus home has closed unexpectedly" and "Gear VR has closed unexpectedly" and cannot advance any further. I have unistalled reinstalled and nothing works. Have now submitted two tickets to support and havent heard anything back. Has anyone else had this problem and been able to fix it? Thanks in advance for the help. 


  • Blkadda67Blkadda67 Posts: 1
    Having exactly the same issues... uninstalled, re-installed, updates etc, no apps disabled etc.. after I uninstall and put phone back in goggles it goes thru the setup and then I get the error message 'oculus home has closed unexpectedly' oculus support is useless
  • dann01dann01 Posts: 1
    Having the same problem
    Oculus support doesnt tell a solution
    We can try to resset to fabric settings 
  • DominicanKnightDominicanKnight Posts: 2
    Also have the same issue. On Feb 7th Oculus support told me that both com.facebook.appmanager (App Manager) and com.facebook.system (Installer) must be installed, the phone must be unlocked (lock screen wise) and that power save mode must be disabled. I in turn told them that on my phone they read as 'Facebook App Installer' and 'Facebook App Manager' in the application manager. They didn't comment on that. But none of their suggestions fixed the issue. I even performed a factory reset and reinstalled everything. No dice. They've closed the case as resolved but I obviously still can't use my Gear VR with my phone. Side Note: I plugged my buddy's S7Edge into my gear vr and it works fine. Request #326724
  • DominicanKnightDominicanKnight Posts: 2
    I ended up returning my phone under the warranty exchange, cost me all of 5 bucks to do so since it seemed to be defectively not working with Gear VR. The new handset works fine right out of the box. No issues with Gear VR. Also the VR experience with this thing is much better than I had thought it would be. Try the CNN VR "Stock Market Anniversary" report. Detail level and tracking on the NYC sidewalk is phenomenal. Watching people walking around me and looking down the skyscraper canyons is amazing (I lived the first  20 years of my life in NYC). Wish all the content were of that great resolution and quality.
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 23,165 Oculus Staff
    Great. Thanks for following up.
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