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Merging layers with different resolutions

torichantorichan Posts: 4
edited February 2017 in Oculus Medium
Does anyone knows how the merging layers system works?

Sometimes when I merge 2 layers it seems that resulting resolution is downgraded.
I also noticed that even if I cut a layer and merge it back together, artifacts apear (like little spikes and visible polygons)
Does selecting "layer A" with a low resolution  and checking "layer B" with a high resolution will result in a low resolution layer ?

I'm actually doing a sculpt with a lot of characters and each time I try to merge them together to save layers they seem to get more "pixelated" :/

Oh and is there a way to merge layers whose bounding boxes don't overlap?  For some of the characters the box can include only them and I can't seem to merge them with the rest of the group since it deletes everything outside the smallest bounding box...

Other than that I'm really having a blast with medium! It's the only software that made me want to model again !


  • RoasterRoaster Posts: 1,053
    One thing I found is that increasing the resolution of a layer and merging it with another of a lower resolution results in the increase in physical size of the lower res part ... if the hi res part is selected in the layer list. Selecting the lower res part makes it normal again.
    Picture a sculpt 3/4 the size of the box.  Add a hi res part and the original now exceeds the boundaries of the box and has parts cut off. Select the original in the layer list and it's back to original size. Sometimes the cut off parts are restored, sometimes they're gone forever and you have to un-do the changes to get it back.
    It's a very odd way of increasing resolution that merely makes the part larger compared to the box, as if the density of the parts is actually fixed in box-space.
    The Oculus Medium operators manual needs to have an explicit description of layer/resolution behavior added.
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