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Emulating Touch inputs with XBox controller?

VeraxusVeraxus Posts: 53
Hiro Protagonist
I have a Virtuix Omni (I was one of the lucky early backers) and have been trying to get the Omni to work with games that support full locomotion. As of right now, the Omni can emulate either keyboard or gamepad input (whichever you specify) for backwards compatibility. Unfortunately, most games lock input to the primary controller and disallow simultaneous input... so if you are using Touch, the Omni can't directly emulate Touch thumbstick input (yet).

So right now I'm looking for a way to "map" standard XBox controller/gamepad input to Touch controller inputs... so that I can use the Omni to emulate the Touch controllers right thumbstick for full locomotion support. Are there any tools out there already that can do such mapping? If not, and I had to develop it myself, where can I find documentation on handling the Touch's input signals.
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  • Fri13Fri13 Posts: 56
    Hiro Protagonist
    Has there been progress/achievements in this thing?

    As I have been wishing now a while about getting the touch controllers work with some other older games. And as the touch controllers has the touch sensing technology, one button can work as two with small delay. Like the button can be A when touched, but it is a B when pressed. 
    Use a thumb rest area as bumper or a grip button as a multiplier so squeeze grip button and then A and B buttons are X and Y and then a mini-stick can become a D-pad. 

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