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ZeniMax Seeks Injunction to Halt Oculus’ Gear VR SDK

zproxyzproxy Posts: 262

  1. It would be interesting to know exactly which parts of the source code are in question
  2. Can we already disable oculus osig lockin, and have gearvr apps take direct control of the gearvr hardware?
  3. How many companies have frozen GearVR development just to see how this plays out?



  • zproxyzproxy Posts: 262
    shall we permanently disconnect GearVR from the internet to block any possible global kill updates?
  • ZenbaneZenbane Posts: 15,133 Valuable Player
    Probably not. Seeking something isn't quite the same as achieving it. ZeniMax seeked "billions" and got less than half of one. Legalities are fun for speculation, but truly halting sales isn't so easy; especially when you already lost the most critical part of the original case.
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