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Loading an earlier version of Oculus into Samsung Gear VR

mlearmonthmlearmonth Posts: 37
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The latest update of Oculus software has stopped the Samsung VR app from running on my Samsung Gear VR with the message that 'Oculus updates needed. Instructions to receive new updates can be found at: under 'SamsungGear VR - Oculus Software Update'. There are no Oculus updates at that URL and so far, upon Oculus' instructions, I have uninstalled and reinstalled both apps without fixing the problem. Can anyone tell me how to roll back to the previous Oculus app software?


  • tiagoo87tiagoo87 Posts: 2
    same problem here, cant get to work
  • vignesanalluvignesanallu Posts: 1

  • matt10101matt10101 Posts: 1
    SAME PROBLEM, I get the message when trying to open Oculus Video, other apps work...
  • pratapsagarpratapsagar Posts: 1
     i am facing the same problem and still no words from the oculus support team ? 
  • BhathiyaBhathiya Posts: 1
    Try uninstalling all Oculus related apps from the App Manager. Then re-install them using WiFi. Thats how i did it, mobile data might work. And everything is up and running. 
  • mlearmonthmlearmonth Posts: 37
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    I also had success once I uninstalled all the Oculus & Samsung apps and reinstalled them using WIFI after I had had no success directly linked. Once reinstalled and working, I deleted the latest version of 360 Photos and installed the earlier version with the good browser. That works and the only thing is I have to click NO to updating 360 Photos each time I run it.
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