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Oculus DK2 with runtime 0.5: is it possible to shrink the image I see on my device?

mickael28amickael28a Posts: 3

A quick intro, I just got a DK2 from a friend and I'm using it with some limitations, ie, I've got a desktop PC with an integrated Intel HD 530 card, so Oculus runtime versions above 0.6 do not recognize the device, but runtime 0.5 does recognize it and it seems working fine with a few demos I've managed to try.

I was then trying to use some of the virtual desktop applications and they do not recognize the device either, so the problem I'm having is that when I check my windows desktop from the glasses, the image appears quite cut (I can see the centre, but not the sides, bottom or top. I was wondering, is there a workaround to shrink the image that I can see in the glasses, as in, reduce the windows desktop from full screen, to like 80% of the screen and put it in the centre for the time being?
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