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Outreach: request help in porting opensource software to newer Gear.

ONECoreONECore Posts: 1
Hello, I am requesting help in porting a software from a dvk 1 to the newer Samsung Gear VR. The Denver Natural Museum is to have a free day with a featured exhibit on Neuroethology (neuroscience for animals). Because of the price, the day is highly visited by underprivileged children. They are often excited to experience new technologies and science.

I would love to have part of the exhibit feature the BeePilot program originally developed by Lucas Wilkins (not sure if the forum allows for links, so I'll just let you google it). It appears to be a fantastic opensource software that can let children (and adults) experience VR perhaps for the first time, as well as open up their minds to how animals might experience the world. However, this software was developed on dvk1 and does not readily work on the newer Samsung Gear VR. I am asking for help in porting this software. What would be required to do so?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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