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Oculus CV1 displaying upside down, now still upside down and shaking after update. (OVR49108750)

VerbankTheNEETVerbankTheNEET Posts: 2
So this all started on Sunday the 26th of February.
The day before I had enjoyed an entire afternoon of using the device in racing sims and it worked flawless then. But, the next morning the sensor completely failed to track the rift at all, in addition it was displaying upside down and pushing out the error OVR49108750 when I tried to reset the head position.

The sensor wasn't working at all, nothing I tried got it to work; from plugging it into different inputs from basic USB 2 to powered USB 2 all the way over to USB3 (which has never worked on my machine when it comes to sensor duty) I tried rebooting, repairing the Oculus install. Uninstalling oculus and even trying it on a fresh OS, but it wasn't having any of it. So I set the sensor and the rift back down into the box and had a good rest.

Next morning was just a repeat of yesterday with 1 key difference: when I unplugged the device, defeated and broken I was prompted for an update. The update did something: It got the sensor to work, albeit still upside down and now with the added joy of violent shaking.
But, it does work  so this means it certainly isn't a hardware issue (I'm 67.4% sure it isn't) so it's probably a driver issue so does anyone know how I can fix this and if there is a place I can find older drivers?


  • elbofforelboffor Posts: 2,572 Valuable Player
    do you live in Australia?
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  • VerbankTheNEETVerbankTheNEET Posts: 2
    elboffor said:
    do you live in Australia?

  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    This sounds like the issue may be hardware related. I'd recommend reaching out to support here:
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