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A Little Robo Recall Treat

tonsta31tonsta31 Posts: 271 Oculus Start Member
edited March 2017 in Games and Apps

Well i know this is my third post in regards to Robo recall now and do not want to take up the whole forums but i like to keep things separate.

New Video showing new weapons added due for release soon

Here is a little treat from the upcoming weapon pack. 


Dual UZI's that replace the handguns.

Custom physics for bullet bounce back and throw damage.

To install unpack double click and it should install, go into game , goto mods then select UZI, make sure you have normal handguns equipped and start the game from the level select.

AI also use these too :)


Glock Mod

Adds glocks to the game in replacement for the revolver so can be used with the Uzi mod

Download :

Desert Eagle Mod

Replaces norm handgun so remove any mods that might replace too or put this above them

Double Barrel Shotty

Replaces normal shotgun

ToDO : Sounds and burst fire

I think we may need a RR section alone lol

We are now on Patreon!

Feel free to have a look around as there are some nice special offfers.

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