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Speculation - Nimble VR - Game Changer for Constellation ?

ShocksVRShocksVR Posts: 486
Hey all,

I just discovered what Nimble VR is/was.  I searched the forums and saw it was brought up a few times within the past few months (mainly in the context of LeapMotion).  Back to Nimble, essentially it's a IR based tracking technology for tracking your hands/fingers movement; Constellation sensors/cameras also use IR (Infrared)
See video

What's interesting is this company was acquired by Oculus a few years back!! 

Now, I've seen tweets of reporters saying they heard hints from Oculus not to give up on Constellation just yet; perhaps they have new features in the works?  Perhaps Nimble VR tech can still be an added feature for CV1 Rift?

What do you all think?

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