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Streaming PC screen to the Gear VR?

YaelAtYaelAt Posts: 4
I am searching for a method to stream the contents of my PC screen as-is to the Gear VR. I would use this to
  • Watch 2D Amazon Prime Videos on the Gear VR, until there is native support.
  • Possibly for gaming with games where "fake vr" solution don't work well.
Some thing's I've already tried that are not applicable:
  • Stream Theater from SideloadVR would be pretty much what I'm looking for, except that it requires an NVidia Gtx 660 or better on the PC side. I have a Gt 640M... 
  • Trinus VR could work for games, but since the Gear VR doesn't seem to allow USB data-passthrough while the phone is plugged into the headset, the performance doesn't allow for a good experience.
  • Riftcat/Vridge is explicitly only for games with native VR support. 


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