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New ‘Arch Virtual HQ’ is a compilation of demo environments including arch viz, medical, oil rig+

JonBrouchoudJonBrouchoud Posts: 25
Brain Burst
edited March 2017 in Showcase

Welcome to Arch Virtual HQ, for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and non-VR PC.  The demo starts with a visit to our virtual HQ, where you can teleport to a variety of experiences, including an operating room, residential condo, and an oil rig.

Download the demo HERE.

It also features our multi-player system, which enables us to meet with current and potential clients. Sign up for a multi-player passcode by filling out the form on the demo page. 

Explore an interactive Operating Room with a 3D scanned patient. 
VR can be used to help students understand and rehearse medical procedures, or to showcase their medical equipment products to potential buyers. 

Customize a residential condominium architectural visualization. 
Real estate developers see ROI on their investments in VR by visualizing and pre-selling building projects before and during construction, while other clients use VR to showcase interactive replicas of their products.

Visualize fixtures, furnishings, finishes and paint colors.
The residential condo environment includes numerous interactive features, enabling you to customize the space. 

Human Anatomy Demo
Visualize and interact with various systems of the human body. 

Oil Rig
Change the sun's position, stack barrels, activate the cranes, and get lost exploring multiple levels of the oil rig environment. 

Send us a note through the demo page for a passcode to meet in our multi-player version of this demo.

Download the demo HERE.


  • PabbertPabbert Posts: 224
    Nexus 6
    Stunning application I especially liked the "Customize a residential condominium architectural visualization" I told my sister she  could look at an apartment in VR, her response was why? After the demo she couldn't stop saying what a great idea it was.
    I can see this being a great real world application as well as a means to make virtual estate for the next generation of second life apps etc. 

    Thanks for sharing
  • JonBrouchoudJonBrouchoud Posts: 25
    Brain Burst
    We're opening multi-player access to the Arch Virtual HQ using the passcode '1216' for a limited time.  When you enter the demo, there's a white button to your right that says "Enter Multi-Player."  Enter the passcode there to enter the multi-player demo.  

    You can optionally change your username by finding the 'UserProfile' folder in your install directory and changing the name in the 'credentials.txt' file.  Also, if you paste a profile pic in this UserProfile folder, it will be displayed as your avatar's pic in VR.  

    If you haven't already, you can download the demo from our website:

    If you notice any abuse whatsoever, please contact me at [email protected] 

    See you in VR!  
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