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DELIRIUM and TOUCH CONTROLS now available! March 14th---***Update April 4th***

HVS_ClaireHVS_Claire Posts: 195 High Voltage Software
edited April 4 in Dragon Front
Update as of April 4th,
  • Gear VR Controller now compatible!
  • Double Gold/Double XP event bugs squashed.
  • Fix for Unwanted Crawlers bug shifting and revealing stealthed units
  • Fix for Gajji Necromancer not spawning Stygians in the first tutorial
  • *Card Change* Merc Platoon: Was: 4 mana ¾ - Now: 5 mana 3/3
  • Merc Platoon is scrapable for its full forge value for next 2 weeks

Our big Delirium Update and Touch Control updates are live! A few card changes were made as well and are listed below. Thanks for playing and let me know if you have any questions!
-Claire @HVS

Here are some notes:


  • Delirium Faction now available!

  • Touch Controls now available on RIFT!
  • Large units are hidden when trying to look behind them on Gear VR
  • Added functionality for going forward/back between starter tutorials and starter faction purchase
  • Added sounds for Champion flybys


Card Changes:

  • Canopy Goliath – END OF TURN: If this unit is in Ally Territory, gain +1/+1.
    • Formerly START OF TURN
    • We felt that an Epic Thorns card should not be so easily removed from the board. Changing the END OF TURN to START OF TURN, gives it more staying power without effecting the spirit of the card.
  • Netherworld Guardian – SPAWN: HUSH all non-Champion enemy units in this lane.
    • Formerly HUSHed all units including Champions
    • It really isn’t fun to have your Champion HUSHED, without a viable counter-play. Champions are meant to be game changers, and provide a decent comeback mechanic. This is still a solid 6/6 unit for 8.
  • Terrene Menders – SHIFT. END OF TURN: HEAL ally units 1 in this lane.
    • Formerly did not include SHIFT
    • As part of Essence, we felt SHIFT adds a great amount of value to a back row healing unit, considering he only heals for 1.
  • Divebomb Griffin – FLIGHT. This unit has +2 Power versus the enemy Stronghold.
    • Formerly had +2 Power against non-flight units as well.
    • There are so many reasons for nerfing this card. First off all, it was poorly designed. It looked like a 4/4 Flight unit, but in almost every regard it was a 6/4, unless the opponent blocked with another Flight unit. Even then, the bonus damage wasn’t need to killed 85% of the game’s Flight units. We moved this card in-line with the Blazing Ram by just giving its Power bonus to Stronghold attacks.
  • Esoteric Rebuttal – Damage the enemy Stronghold equal to the Mana Fragments of the last ally unit killed this turn. This spell's cost is equal to the unit's Mana Fragments.
    • Formerly damaged the enemy stronghold equal to the mana fragments received during the turn. The spell’s cost was also equal to the damage.
  • Listening Post – TRAP: Gain a copy of a random card from the opponent’s deck.
    • Formerly: TRAP: Owner of this fort: DRAW 1.
    • This fort is never played, and has a low win rate. We felt that gaining a card from the opponent’s deck makes it far more appealing, while ensuring that your opponent can’t use it to deck you.
  • Mystic Array - cost reduced to 4
    • Formerly cost 5
    • This spell randomly targets enemy units, walls and the stronghold, making it more difficult to play effectively. This reduction puts it in-line with Howling Gale and other randomly targeted spells, while maintaining decent stronghold damage if the player can clear the battlefield of enemy units.
  • Grave Touch – cost increased to 3.
    • Formerly cost 2
    • Direct Damage is really strong in the current meta, and this being an unaligned card, that essentially costs 1 mana is broken. It is showing up in way too many decks and gives the owner a massive swing. We are trying to pull back on unaligned Direct Damage cards, and found this one to be the largest offender.
  • Crosswinds – cost increased to 4.
    • Formerly cost 3
    • This card had a 72% win rate, which set off all sorts of alarms. Giving all of your units Sprint, in conjunction with Flight, made for some brutal OTK strategies. There are counters, but with a win-rate so high we had to do something to dial it back.
  • Gajji Necromancer - Choose One: SPAWN: Deploy a 1/1 Stygian in each open space in Ally Territory. -or- SPAWN: Grant all Ally Stygians in play +1/+1.
    • Formerly: SPAWN: Deploy a 1/1 Stygian in each open space in Ally Territory.
    • We have received constant feedback on this Champion, and because Eclipse has one of the worst win percentages, we wanted to give their basic Champion an advantage. This also adds more flavor to Stygian strategies.
  •  Soul Foundry – cost decreased to 2.
    • Formerly cost 3
    • We reduced this cards cost to give this basic card more value.



  • Fixed an issue with examining and canceling examine of a last-played card affecting menu functionality
  • Fixed swipe up not toggling examine on Gear
  • Fixed examining a fort first when examining a tile with both a unit and a fort
  • Fixed bug with Ether Blast and Stealthed units
  • Fixed bug when accepting an invite before loading into the main menu
  • Fixed “Error Retrieving Rewards” bugs that do not result in rewards being credited to account.
  • Fixed Foe Shard vfx hang on Gear VR
  • Fixed Armor icon being removed when Conscription is cast on an Armor unit
  • Fixed price encoding issue in non-US regions.
  • Fixed rare desync with Skirmish Mover and Dynamic Cluster
  • Fixed tiny text when receiving both gold and hitting the daily max at the same time
  • Fixed daily max text not showing up when the game is already started at max
  • Fixed Darkspring Dryads not getting pushed by Mystic Mine
  • Fix for Terra Whale being affected by traps it destroys
  • Fix for Giants not teleporting properly


  • WolfoxWolfox Posts: 34
    Brain Burst
    Am I the only one that doesn't see this on the Oculus Home, Or am I missing something?
  • HVS_ClaireHVS_Claire Posts: 195 High Voltage Software
    @Wolfox It's there and should be featured today.
  • Arock387Arock387 Posts: 681
    edited March 17
    an Idea, what if you brought the cards much closer to the player so we can actually grab the card and check it out.  Then when we place it we can lower the card and then a laser pointer comes from the tip of the card and we direct placement like that.  I know that would possible require new animations maybe?  I was just kind of hoping for more "hands on" and less point and click

    Dont get me wrong i think the touch update is fantastic and i felt it was more comfortable to play without tweaking my neck.  I love you guys for doing it. Just figured i would throw some feedback!
  • VeeRealMcCoyVeeRealMcCoy Posts: 11
    edited March 31
    I've been playing a lot of Dragon Front lately and enjoying it.  I've purchased all factions and the 50 booster pack.  That said, there is one card that sticks in my craw more than any other -- so much so that I felt it was worth bringing to the forum.  

    Grand Astronaut.  It's awful, and it's a shame.  Delirium is such a fun concept, but its implementation is so weak.   The stock champion is actually the worst card in the entire set.  I have yet to do more than kill a unit with him, and he's usually dead in the process.  Heck, destrucion wipes him off the board on your opponent's turn, and there's literally nothing you can do about it.  There isn't a single mechanic outside of cards (which I no longer have) that can even prevent it.  He is at the absolute mercy on the turn after he hits the board against any decent deck.  

    And what did I give up for that?  My entire hand (am I being trolled?).  I have zero cards in my hand, making the mana he came with almost entirely useless.  Boy, I'd love to shift him.  Or sprint him even.  Anything to help him down the lane.  Heck, maybe beef his health up a point or two, although only a 2 point boost could save him from the lol-blast from Essence.  Alas, a full stock off mana, and only one random card to spend it on on the next turn.  Is there even a slight chance that my opponent will keep that lane open even one further turn?  No, not a chance at all.  Zero.  Oh, unless he's out of units to play, too.  Not likely, but even in that case, I have to already have an open lane and two turns to luck into exactly the right draw to hit a fortress.  

    If I could, I would replace him in my deck with a fort removal - anything at all.  He's not just one of the worst cards in Delirium, he's one of the worst cards in Dragon Front.  I'm sorry to say this, but I honestly find it shocking that any dev didn't playtest this one. 

    Here's a suggestion:

    Grand Astronaut (4/4):
    SPAWN: Both players discard all Units from their hand.  Grand Archiect gains +1/+1 and 1 mana for each card removed this way. 

    Even that could end up useless in some scenarios, but it's still miles above where it's at now, because it's at sub-zero atm.  I dare say he'd even be playable.  Have you seen the strats possible with Essence's stock hero?  Hint: Flight+stun is the kind of fun every deck needs.  In fact, that's a great example of how awful Grand Astronaut is: Anything with flight is more likely to hit the fortress, xD.  I mean ANYTHING with flight is more likely.  A 1/1 with FLIGHT is a better card than Grand Astronaut.

    On the other hand, if I am missing something with this guy (can't see it), I'm desperate for someone to clue me in.

    While we're at it, Delirium needs a unit with End of Turn: DRAIN 1.   Drain right now is so incredibly unreliable.   There are so many variables that have to be met for it to be worth a darn:  A single blight trap is way more effective in the long run.  "Drain 1?  Yay, had mana and I drained one of them by spawning an otherwise inferior unit!"    "Blight trap? Yay, he walked across 2 out of 4 possible squares that I only had to set and forget, and he won't be getting ANY mana fragments from than ANY of those units.  

    Drain 1, or deny up to THREE PER UNIT?  No... brainer.
  • HVS_ClaireHVS_Claire Posts: 195 High Voltage Software
    @VeeRealMcCoy Give him another shot with the Circle of Life fort! I've taken your comments to the design team and they are discussing it. You should join us in the Discord.

  • VeeRealMcCoyVeeRealMcCoy Posts: 11
    edited April 1
    Didn't know it existed.  Don't have one.  That is THE ONE thing that can make him work.  Maybe he just should be the "stock" champ for delirium, as it honestly seems that you NEED a Circle of Life to make him viable as is.  As far as the discord channel goes, I'll look into it, thanks.
  • jmcghee16jmcghee16 Posts: 1
    How do I view my rank? 
  • HVS_ClaireHVS_Claire Posts: 195 High Voltage Software
    @jmcghee16, From the game's main menu, choose "PlayerData"
  • SpyderCanopusSpyderCanopus Posts: 36
    Brain Burst
    edited April 5
    Merc Platoon was crazy powerful for it's cost.  I'm glad it was nerfed.

    Can your next update include something to make the graphical shimmering effects not looks like crazy blinking pixels?  Like when I look at the masks on the wall and keep my head still, the reflections on them blink a white outline.
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