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Audio Mirroring not working when starting Oculus Home for the first time

project-shastaproject-shasta Posts: 4

I have a problem with the new Audio Mirroring feature in 1.12. I have set my audio output to both in my settings. When I start Oculus Home after a reboot I don't hear any audio, neither from my speakers or the Rift headphones. If I change the audio output to "Windows", I hear a beep on my speakers and inside the headset a message pops up that my audio hardware has changed and I need to restart Oculus Home. After it has reloaded I set the audio output back to "Both", again promted with a restart message. Only after this procedure I get audio from both my speakers and the Rift headphones when I play games.

When I use SteamVR with the appropiate audio mirroring settings it works out of the box, so I presume it does have something to do with Oculus Home and the way the audio drivers are loaded...

I have already uninstalled and reinstalled everything including the drivers, it didn't help :'(

Does anyone else have this issue?
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