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The Rift Effect

DarcanisDarcanis Posts: 446
edited November 2013 in General
Well I finally pulled the trigger and ordered the Oculus Rift! Might I say ouch! Cost almost half my pay check, but should be well worth it.

Now I find myself experiencing the "Rift Effect". Basically time seems to be slowing down. I swear I dropped a penny off my desk today and it took 3 seconds to hit the floor. On the upside shipping thread says i should get it before xmas, so hopefully I will have some quality gaming time on my xmas holidays. Lol

I plan on playing every demo I can get my hands on and get a feel for what the future has in store when the retail version hits. I am thinking I will spend a fair amount of time in the vr cinema watching 3D movies. Well if the resolution is good enough to enjoy the experience. (I really miss my 3D projector that died, but still have 3D monitor for computer gaming)

I thought about waiting for the 2ND Dev kit, but It is unknown just how long a wait it will be before it is released. Plus this is hopefully history in the making, so it would be nice to have a original Dev kit down the road to say I was there in the beginning! I'll no doubt buy the second kit too and then the retail, not like I won't be using them!

VR is exactly what PC gaming needs right now. It's the next level of immersion, a whole new frontier for gamers and developers alike! I can't wait to see what creative minds can and will come up with over the next few years. :D
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  • LKostyraLKostyra Posts: 263
    Right there with you, buddy. I wait for my devkit (ordered near the end of October, also half of my pay check ;) ) and can't stand any more waiting. Still waiting for "Your order was shipped" mail. Or a status change in order information from "READY" to "SHIPPED"...

    I really cannot wait to integrate the Rift into my project. And to try out all the demos that are available. Can't wait! :)

    Fun fact: I used the word "wait" in multiple forms in this post way too many times... I blame The Rift Effect, lol.
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