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Where is Oculus SDK run-times and installers version 0.6 or version

WoodDaHeadWoodDaHead Posts: 8
could someone please point me towards oculus 0.6 and as these SDKS do not appear to be available on the download pages.


  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 23,509 Oculus Staff
    It appears as if is the oldest version available still. If you are a developer, there is not much reason to mess with these old versions today. Even if you're not a developer, those old runtimes had a lot of strange issues and would probably be more trouble than anything. Sorry.
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  • WoodDaHeadWoodDaHead Posts: 8
    Thanks for your reply, So I guess there is no chance of getting hold of these releases I have an old dk I wanted to play about on a test rig and reformatted hard drive and backed upped everything else except those files.I just wanted to give a few family members a taste of the VR world with a few demos.Thanks anyway
  • LjudasPriestLjudasPriest Posts: 47
    Brain Burst
    Someone made a wrapper that redirects the calls for older runtimes so you can run old demos and still have Oculus Home installed
    Hope it still works, can someone confirm?
  • ChoronzonChoronzon Posts: 335
    Nexus 6
    You can always get these earlier runtimes by downloading runtime switcher:
  • l0g1kl0g1k Posts: 5
    Bump: does anyone have the runtime mirrored? Oculus have removed it from the downloads page. Even reconstructing the link to the executable does not work. The runtime switcher software also does not work since it relies on said download locations being valid! 

    I *really* need it to run some software that is only compatible with 0.5 for a hackathon :(
  • ChoronzonChoronzon Posts: 335
    Nexus 6
    l0g1k said:
    The runtime switcher software also does not work since it relies on said download locations being valid! 

    I've never had any trouble installing any runtime (and Runtime Switcher) anywhere on my machine.
  • WoodDaHeadWoodDaHead Posts: 8
    These links work and are for "the switcher version2.0" also includes the needed earlier older run-times

    To get my DK2 Working...

     1)installed the latest  Oculus home to install the latest run-time
    2)Then used "The switcher" to switch between older run-times on the fly when needed.Then just reboot windows to reset back to go back to latest run-time to get back to Oculus home because it doesn't seem to open while running earlier run-time versions but fine after a reboot,So the switcher only works until the next windows boot up  

    Where can I download version
     Oculus 1.3 as a separate run time setup exe instead of having to go through home not everyone has fast internet connections or internet access at times.

    I like to double back up my data and keep all my system drivers safe and handy  in one place because I have multiple windows partitions so trying to find something I had in the first place and then having to search forums for something that should be readily available but wasn't posed a headache.  
    I understand why some of these earlier run-times are not available will cause issues for users who dont understand  and are seen as more trouble then maybe worth but for some of us who have use for them and understand the consequences of using them then they should be available for download with a disclaimer and a warning.We paid for our hardware so we should have access to all the software that makes our hardware work even if that software is known to be flawed.
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