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Tracking issue with 6dof motion simulator



  • vicpopovicpopo Posts: 27
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    edited April 2017
    Hi Ybalrid ,

    the Link to the video : 

  • YbalridYbalrid Posts: 249
    That's interesting.

    That's solution is more like a hack, but if it's enought to keep the optical tracking in a "frame of reference" that doesn't confuse the software, it's all good. :wink:

    I was thinking the other day, with the rift mounted "fix" in space, on the rift and/or the wall, if you have access to the pose of the simulator, writing some kind of shim for the Oculus DLLs to compute the pose (position + orientation) of the Rift relative to the simulator frame, and give that to the game instead, like @kojack said earlier. That would be easier if that "SimTools" program was open-source, sadly it's not.

    To code something like this, it would need ot have the actuall movement of the simulator and the tracked movement from the Rift, and pipe back to the game the "fake" rift movement that is just your head moving relative to the car/plane/spaceship/whatever you want it to be.
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  • vicpopovicpopo Posts: 27
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    A guy tried to do what you describe with a third party software !
    his website ;

    At the beginning of his story he used a imu component to take  the simulator position in the space !
    After he coded a software which "cancel" the movements for the rift using the imu he was using !
    It was mainly used to cancel accelerations ( i suppose our main problem now with the last release)
    one and half year ago he met in LA people from rift development to talk about his project !
    As I know now is that he need to have access also to the game .Until now just one game LFS give him the possibility to implement his software as a dll file.
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