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Gear VR: Denial Of Service

zproxyzproxy Posts: 262
It seems Oculus/Samsung have bricked and turned the S7 into a ransomware again. While in developer mode, it will not allow to enter into VR Apps while docked into GearVR.

It will ask to connect to internet instead.

This type of forced update "offer" wont stop until the vendor is sued, and the managers are sued, succefully?

workaround: Reboot, keep it undocked a bit longer, and then insert into GearVR to defeat the nagware. 


  • zproxyzproxy Posts: 262
    while reading the forums, it seems an "update" created in april will downgrade the video player features. as such. "update" cannot be allowed and must be postponed as long as possible to deter loss of features, as described by forum users.
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