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Rift Coaster help....

edited November 2013 in Games and Apps
Hello, I'm getting some demos ready for my soon to arrive oculus (just got my processing soon email, YAY)
Having a problem with rift coaster. When trying to launch it, I get an error stating "you must have at least windows xp service pack 3 installed". I'm running Win 7 64bit. Tried launching in compatability mode for xp service pack 3 but still no luck. Any suggestions?


  • FALSEFALSE Posts: 81
    Of course I figure it out 5 minutes after posting.
    Answer incase anyone has the same problem in the future.

    Right click on the launcher, properties, compatibility. Change the compatibility to windows xp service pack 3 there.

    Initially I was using windows troubleshooter to try to launch it but apparently the settings in the properties menu was overriding the troubleshooter settings.
  • silentdriversilentdriver Posts: 15
    crazy. got the same configuration here (old amd dual core with an amd 4890 running on win7 64bit) and no problems so far. neither on starting the riftcoaster nor on any other unreal engine demo so far...
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