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Cannot add payment method. Both Credit Card and Paypal

OldSchoolGamerOldSchoolGamer Posts: 1
Hi! Just want to buy some games in Oculus Home. 
Tried to add the both credit card and paypal from the both Oculus Home app and Oculus site. 
For credit card every time I get error message. And for paypal there is infinite processing simbol after redirect from Paypal site. 
It seems like all credit cards and paypal accounts from Russia are banned by Oculus. 
Is there any way to buy some games? Only way that I see is to buy American pre-paid debit card abd try to use it with VPN...
This is sad that Oculus does not want to take my money.


  • cktungcktung Posts: 1
    Yeah I face the same problem. I live in Hong Kong, so Russia is not alone.
  • YoHeyIZ2YoHeyIZ2 Posts: 1
    me too! how can I add credit card number!? I have bought 1 game...
  • rughur.pierrefendrerughur.pierrefendre Posts: 2
    I have the same problem. I guess you have to use a VPN and dress up as an American Wasp to be worthy of being able to buy their games.
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