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Heli-Hell among others trouble with joystick

ArkioArkio Posts: 63
Hiro Protagonist
edited November 2013 in Games and Apps
So my ideal heli configuration is what I used to dominate on Battlefield 3.

A/D for yaw or "turning"
Edit: W/S for throttle
Joystick X axis for roll
Joystick Y axis for pitch

This gave me really high fidelity control. So far, I haven't found a single demo other than First Law that I've managed to set up this config for. I've heard heli hell is a great demo but sadly without a 360 controller I wouldn't know.
(Actually, it kills me when I see so many demos needing or configured for a 360 controller)

Is there any way I can inject my own controls configuration? There are so many flying games that I longingly look at in my Rift folder. Thanks for any help.
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