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Game displays in headset, will not mirror to monitor. Help?

SopagoSopago Posts: 1
Whenever I used to play Superhot VR it would show on my monitor as well as in my headset. This was always good for when playing with company friends etc. A while back upon startup the game window was just a black screen, and the game continues to run in the headset. It isn't offscreen, as I still have the window, however it is blank as the game runs. anyone else have this issue?

Best Answer

  • NibreNibre Posts: 51
    Hiro Protagonist
    Accepted Answer
    Sounds like it's an issue with Superhot VR itself (if that's the only game you're having that problem with). Mirroring has been working fine for me.

    I'd try getting in touch with the Superhot developers themselves to ask them about it
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