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360 Photos Slideshow Settings

SRG_3DSRG_3D Posts: 3
I am wanting to adjust the timing on the 360 photos slideshow.  I do not see any settings to adjust.  I do not want them changing on their own every 10-15 seconds.  I want to be able to turn that off and manually change from one photo to the next.  How can I fix this issue?  Everytime that it changes I hit the back button and it totally switches directions and the viewer gets lost and it is uncomfortable for them.  


  • GelkerGelker Posts: 15
    Me too
  • dtpeter3038dtpeter3038 Posts: 2
    Likewise.  I'm looking at all these issues being posted about the 360 photo viewer and I've seen nothing from Support.  Sure would be nice to know if this was a known problem they're actually going to do something about.
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