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OVRServer_x64.exe Network Usage

oVexlzoVexlz Posts: 2
Recently in the middle of playing a competitive Overwatch match, my ping skyrocketed. It turns out that despite the oculus hardware not even being connected at the time, OVRServer_x64.exe had begun running in the background and using up large amounts of network capacity. This made playing an online game unbearable. I normally keep around 50 ping, it was at 500. So, once I had understood the cause I killed OVRServer_x64.exe (I was in a competitive match and couldn't leave in order to wait it out) and kept playing. OVRServer_x64.exe restarted itself and resumed the download. I had to continually kill it until the match was over. It might be my fault for having automatic app updates turned on, but regardless, the oculus software wasn't even running. I had not started it. If I kill the program it should not automatically restart and resume. If anyone has opinions to offer on this please do.


  • oVexlzoVexlz Posts: 2
    After looking at it a bit more, it was updating VR Sports Challenge.
  • tjitahtjitah Posts: 5
    I would also like to know the answer to this, as I too switched on my computer today and had my whole bandwidth hogged by this OVRServer_x64 download for almost half an hour, despite not having any Oculus programs running and not even having any Oculus hardware connected. This is the kind of cyber-bullying from Facebook which will make me abandon Oculus and look at alternatives when upgrading in the future!
  • rferkorferko Posts: 1
    I have had this problem over a dozen times. When I'm playing league of legends, I'll be fine but 2/3 through a random game without warning the ping jumps to 500+ms. I have to ctrl+shift+esc to bring up task manager and kill it. unfortunately, sometimes it wont stay dead and I have to wait for oculus home to load and then kill whatever is updating while hoping my team doesn't throw the game during this process. 
  • RichooalRichooal Posts: 987
    Steam and Origin also download in the background.
    In Oculus home you can disable automatic downloads and / or limit bandwidth usage.

    Personally I prefer to use Netlimiter to monitor and limit downloads and uploads for any program. Each PC in my house runs a copy, so downloading can be limited when someone else (maybe me) is playing online.
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