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Dragon Front Pay to Win?

OraclelxZlOraclelxZl Posts: 9
I just started playing Dragon Front. And it really seems like this game is pay to win to get better cards.. I chose Thorn and it seems like all the newer decks are way too overpowered to compete. Is this true?


  • SpyderCanopusSpyderCanopus Posts: 36
    Brain Burst
    It might seem that way at first but they're all pretty balanced with the starter decks.

    With skill and luck, I believe any starter deck can defeat any other.

    In fact, many times you make the deck worse by swapping things out.  The game maintains the fun by unlocking new cards so you can create an alternate strategy. 

    Every type of deck will have strengths and weaknesses so use your brain.  I don't think your wallet helps unless you just want to get creative faster.
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  • OraclelxZlOraclelxZl Posts: 9
    Is that so? How is the ranking system work? How do you check the other player's level?

    Because I really felt like I could do nothing when the other play could play 3 cards on his first turn and create a 5-4 Card right off the bat. And play another 4 cards the turn after. His Silence deck seemed pretty unbelievable compare to my Thorn starter deck.
  • HVS_ClaireHVS_Claire Posts: 200 High Voltage Software
    Hey @OraclelxZl , of you're having trouble playing cards in a turn I recommend checking out the video in #1 on mana strategy on the website tips and tricks page: http://www.dragonfront.com/tips-tricks/
  • stangvertstangvert Posts: 8
    That is how you learn.  Just keep playing and adjusting your deck.  It is very easy to get free gold by leveling up and competing daily challenges to buy chests.  After two weeks of playing you can easily level up your deck to compete with the best of them.  I am pretty high ranked and I still get my but kicked by some of the players that play all factions including thorns.  I have been playing for three months and I still adjusting my deck.  I just try and learn from the players that I lose to.
  • SpyderCanopusSpyderCanopus Posts: 36
    Brain Burst
    Getting beat is the best way to learn strategy.  

    I shamelessly will copy tactics I see and make adjustments and try them out.  

    Losing still gives you experience, too.  So I think it's not pay-to-win as much as it is play-to-win.
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  • ShrewinatorShrewinator Posts: 1
    It's going to be the same as HearthStone from Blizzard. Sure, you can pay real money to get your "good" cards and everything, but you can also take the extra time to work with what you have, take the losses where you're just blatantly outclassed (due to the deck disparities), learn, and build upon your own deck. Personally, I prefer the longer, free route. =D
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