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Oculus setup on Adjust your Lenses Blank screen - HELP!

AzHeroAzHero Posts: 1
Hello, i use Oculus Rift when its release 1st time. its worked great. last 1 mounth i dont use bcs i have a work....

Now when I connect my oculus, there is all normal. (All USB 3.0, Sensors and HDMI = OK)
But when setup go to "Put your Headset and Adjust your Lenses" My Oculus screen is Blank.
Please help me to fix it!
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070
CPU: Intel Core i7- 4930K
Mainboard: X79 chipset (c606)
Memory/RAM: 64GB
USB:Fresco Logic FL1100 (4 port)
Before it works perfectly!

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