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How to view the vast library of 3D images from Nvidia's 3D Vision Live site.

Thane_Thane_ Posts: 242
Nexus 6
edited April 2017 in General
This is the only way I know of to view the images from 3D Vision Live and you don't have to have to be logged in or own an Nvidia card.  There are a tons of great 3D photos on there and you can see what your favorite games look like in 3D. They used to have a download button on each image page but they removed it for some reason so you had to have an Nvidia card and 3D Vision enabled in your computer to view them. Even then it sucked because it wouldn't go full screen easily so I always downloaded them anyway. Luckily one of the major contributors to fixing games for 3D usage, DarkStarSword, as he goes by on the 3D VIsion forums, made a script to re-enable the download button. I've confirmed it works on Firefox using the extension called "Greasemonkey" and he says it also should work on Chrome.

So here are the instructions for Firefox:

1. Get Firefox
2. In the options, open the "add-ons" page.
3. search for greasemonkey.
4. install greasemonkey.
5. Restart Firefox
6. Go into greasemonkey menu and select "new user script"
7. Enter a name for the script, ie, "3DVL DL button".
8. Type a bunch of random random letters into the namespace field and press okay.
9. Paste the text from this page into the form field of the next window that comes up. (after giving permission if promted)

10. It should now be enabled and will work any time you go to this site in Firefox. Just refresh the page and it should be there. If its not. Call Geico to save on some insurance (actually they rape you on insurance now, they did the old switcharue on their fellow citizens customers awhile ago. Fuck Geico.)

11. I click on the link and another page opens up with the images that I just quickly drag and drop into another folder. I think that's the quickest way to get a bunch downloaded quickly. Maybe not.

12. Use Whirlygig to view view the SBS images. It has a free version which *I think* works with images.   or
3D Viewing notes:

1. Keep in mind that people will configure their 3D settings TO THEIR IPDs, THEIR screen viewing distances and THEIR screen sizes. NOT YOURS. THEIRS. Theirs..... Anyone listening? Bigscreen, Virtual Desktop, Sony, Oculus? Until photo and video viewer have built in separation adjustment sliders, you will need to do some adjusting of the size of the images, which I think is the only method of adjusting 3D thus far outside of an actual VR game until developers understand the need. Once you get an image by one content creator to look right, the rest of their images should look right too theorectically, thats the good news. But you will likely have to re-adjust whatever you can adjust, for each new author. I'm not exactly sure what you can do to adjust/correct the 3D since I don't own a Rift yet.

2. A small portion of 3D Vision users like something they call "toyification", or the "dollhouse effect". This is when they purposely configure the 3D to cause their eyes to cross more and makes the world look like a diorama scene and for example, an overhead view of a battlefield would instead look like a bunch of little toys just a few feet away from you. Some people like this, i hate it, but i wanted to let you know about it in case you run into them and want to know whats going on because you may not be able to make it look life size if thats what you were hoping for. So if you wanted to view some Dead Space videos and the scene looks WAY too small, you may not be able to get it to look right, so search for another user with Dead Space videos.

3. So one strategy for viewing these, might be to download a bunch from a single user, then configure things to look right for that series of images you can then flip through without having to adjust for each image.

4. For videos, you just need Silverlight video player installed, I think....

Heres my 3D photos from that site for reference: I made them with perfectly realistic scale for my IPD of 62.25 IPD, viewed on a 46" 3DTV, from about 2.5ft away. That gave me about the screen FOV of the Rift (horizontally), so you could use these maybe for reference somehow.
You can see my galleries on the right if interested, of Dead Space 3, I am Alive (very cool in 3D), Dayz Standalone and Dayz mod.

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