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SOLVED: Is it possible to import one scene into another?

nickladdnickladd Posts: 15 Oculus Start Member
edited September 2017 in Oculus Quill
Is this currently a feature in Quill? It would be quite useful to be able to drag in layers from other quill projects.


  • chornechorne Posts: 91
    Hiro Protagonist
    This isn't currently a feature in the UI - though with the new architecture it's a pretty trivial thing for us to add. 

    There's a script that we can send along that will do this, but I only recommend it for advanced users. In the meantime I've contacted you via e-mail.
    Hey chorne, any chance I could get this. 
    Nickladd, if you got the script and got it working on the chance crone doesn't answer, can you forward to me please.
  • schevrelschevrel Posts: 55 Oculus Staff
    edited September 2017
    This is for advanced users only, use at your own risks!

    You can merge Quill drawings using our QuillExporter.exe tool shipped with Quill. It is located at:

    C:\Program Files\Oculus\Software\Software\oculus-quill\QuillExporter

    Create a merge.json file in the same folder where the exporter is located and paste the following content in it:

        "Exporter": "Quill",

        "InputFile":  "C:/Program Files/Oculus/Software/Software/oculus-quill/SampleQuillustrations/wesley-childhood",
        "ExtraInputs": ["C:/Program Files/Oculus/Software/Software/oculus-quill/SampleQuillustrations/goro-skyPirates"],
        "OutputFile": "C:/myMergedQuilLFile",

        "Options" : {
            "ExcludeList" : [  ],
            "ExportHidden": true,
            "UseFullNames" : false,
            "ExportCurves" :false,
            "ExportMeshes": true,
            "Scale" : 100.0,
            "UVSafetyBandTexels" : 8.0,
            "BakeTransforms": false,
            "PerformDecimation": false,
                "Mode" : "ViewSpace",
                "Precision": 0.01
             "Optimize": {
          "Optimize": false,
          "OptimizeKeepOldLayers": false,
          "OptimizeSimplifyThreshhold": 0.02,
          "OptimizeIncludeList": [  ]
            "GroupExtraInputs": true

    Edit InputFile, ExtraInputs (this can be a comma-separated list of files within the brackets) and OutputFile.

    All the path names should be fully qualified path names beginning with the drive letter and use forward slashes instead of the default backslashes windows use.

    Open a CMD.exe or powershell window:

    1) type "C:" and enter to select the C: drive

    2) type "cd \Program Files\Oculus\Software\Software\oculus-quill\QuillExporter" and enter to navigate to the quill exporter location, the command prompt should update to that location.

    3) type "QuillExporter.exe merge.json" and enter (or whatever you named the json file in that folder)

    4) The output file will now contain each input file at the root in a group layer matching the input file name, you will need to reposition those groups as both files may have different locations.
  • ConejerosConejeros Posts: 4
    edited October 2017
    Chorne, it would be great if a next update to Quill would allow this natively and friendly. It´d be so essential to be able to re-use models easily, i.e. by copying and pasting layers between different files. Thanks for the workaround!
  • Mr_PayneMr_Payne Posts: 4
    being able to export quill "assets" (Parts of a quill drawing) into separate files (perhaps under a folder called database which is organized by sub folders), then having a front end palette for browsing importable "assets" (the palette could use the folder structure to organize the display of assets with thumbnails for each asset visible in a gallery like fashion), would allow for a great deal of flexibility with the app.

    I do this in Photoshop as well. I will select a few layers that have a painted element into another psd file with only this asset, then I just import it when needed. It makes building large worlds so much easier and more flexible as one file does not have to contain all assets you "may" want to reuse. You just use what you want and leave it at that. I actually tried to export a 3D file from quill only to be disappointed that the export file formats do not match the import file formats. The script above may be nice for the occasional use but it is definitely not something I would consider using while painting as it would take me out of the zone.
  • pixelmunkipixelmunki Posts: 1
    As discussed above, it would be great to be able to merge files within Quill on any future updates. In short, to be able to kit bash with previously created assets, you could quickly create scenes with even greater speed and ease. Be it characters, props or environments. I often use Quill to freestyle and draw, not particularly knowing what I might create. Within a short while, I've painted a tree, a character or anything else that comes to mind. I'd love the ability to create a database of assets that I could categorise and use later on. Kudos to the developers for this application. Thus far, it's an amazing experience to be able to paint in VR like this...!
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