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360 png export

torichantorichan Posts: 4
Facebook doesn't seem to recognize the 360 export. Be it the "cross" version or the other one. 
Do I have to pass the png's in another software to convert them? 
I don't remember ever seeing a 360 picture of a quill drawing in FB.


  • chornechorne Posts: 91
    Hiro Protagonist
    Yes - unfortunately the 360 exports we do aren't supported by Facebook. You would have to convert the "cross" cubemap to equirectangular format (there are a few tools that do this) and possibly inject metadata into the image (additional tools do this). I can't personally endorse any - but I know they're out there!

    Adding this support out of the box is definitely on our roadmap.
  • torichantorichan Posts: 4
    Ok thanks for the info! :) Loving quill more and more and can't wait to see how it evolves!
    Cheers to all the team!
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