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Whirligig is working swell

RoasterRoaster Posts: 1,053
I like the ability to view SBS .jpg's in the Rift, and with the Touch controller joystick mapped to right-left I can scroll through a folder of images. Trouble is, the program doesn't see .mpo files.
I think I have to convert all my .mpo's to _l & _r images first by spliting them with StereoPhotoMaker 64, then try to stitch them together as a new SBS file.  It's going to take forever since I don't think SPM does this bit.  It will batch process the splitting though.
I can see it taking at least a minute to do each file manually in PhotoPaint ... times a lot of images ... unless someone knows something that will take two images and join them sbs automatically?
In doing this chore I kinda realize now why no programs handle .mpo.  It's made for input to a 3D TV, which needs seperate LR images, I think. Too complicated for a viewer app to do on the fly?

I don't understand why there's not an entire industry based on 3D stills.  I love them.

btw, StereoPhotoMaker was an accessory for the DK2 app StereoscopicPlayer . SPM still runs on W10-64.

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